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Strategy and Planning

Set your direction

we all aspire for better future but are we on the right path? Strategic planning is what ensures our commitment is fruitful and we will work with you to develop or redevelop your strategic plan and an operational plan to implement it. The operational plan includes KPIs so you can easily monitor and benchmark your progress.

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here is how we can help:

  • Strategic Planning: Strategy enlightens organizations’ path to future. Strategy doesn’t only help senior management in decision making but also ensures that all your stakeholders are on board and share a common goal. Lead and coordinate strategic planning development activities including (SWOT and PEDESTL analysis, vision and mission review, Areas of Focus, Key Performance Indicators and Targets)

  • Operational Planning: Strategic plan is an exciting process, however as time pass, this excitement can fade and people lose their touch with strategy. A well designed and effective operational plan translates the high-level strategic plan into a manageable, smaller plans dedicated to every function or unit of the organization allowing people to focus on their share of contribution to achieving the strategic plan.  Lead and coordinate development of operations plan(s) to implement strategic plan including dashboards, reports, presentations and other review materials.

  • SWOT and PEDESTL analyses: analyzing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses is the first step in your strategy journey. Understand what is special about your organization and how you can use that to advance in future through SWOT of PEDESTL analyses engaging your people in honest and open dialogue about the organized future and direction.

  • SMART, CLEAR, QUEST, FABRIC and KISS: all plans are great if people can understand it. Many fails however due to a combination of reasons relating mainly to the language used. Introduce and assist in developing goals, objectives, outcomes, KPIs and targets using best practices.

  • Balanced Scorecards (BSC): Balanced Scorecard is another effective tool used to translate strategic plan to achievable outcomes by breaking it to unit-level on four domains. Introduce and coordinate development of Balanced Scorecards and its components (Financial, Customer, processes and Learning & Growth)

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