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Quality Management

Always do better

Doing things right first time and every time is the essence of quality management. You need not worry about what is not working properly, leave it to us to examine your systems and processes and identify issues, suggest solutions and implement them. We will also provide you with a measurement technique to showcase your improvements.

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Quality Management: Projects

here is how we can help:

  • Process Mapping: Process maps visually depicts every step of a process so you can track bottlenecks causing delays. Process maps also provide you with insights on what steps are redundant and can be skipped to improve performance and delivery time. Map existing or proposed processes maps including SIPOC-R, Cross-Functional, Value Stream, High Level and detailed.

  • Quality Principles: Quality principles are powerful concepts that can change your people prospective to how work is done. Introduce and train key principles that improve the quality of your services and reduce your wastes such as (Lean wastes, Kaizen, Poke Yoke, Value Stream, Visual Management, Standardization, Pull Systems and others.

  • Self-Assessment: your people on the ground are the best to know their processes. Empower you people to examine their processes and functions to identify issues and propose solutions through an improvement process based on self-assessment for each unit and organization-wide. Self-assessment also embraces ownership of processes enhancing the overall engagement and sense of loyalty of your people towards the organization.

  • Six Sigma: Six Sigma was invented by Motorola and mastered by GE. Its heavy reliance on numbers in every step ensures its validity and provides you with statistics that you can use to show your improvements. Establish a ever running project to keep your processes sharp and outcomes shining.

  • Basic Quality Tools: basic quality tools are a must for anyone working in a 21st century organization. Their power lies in their versatile use in every aspect of work in any domain. Introduce and train using basic quality tools including (Check Sheet, Pareto Chart, Cause and Effect Diagram, Histogram, Scatter Diagram, Control Charts and Flow charts) and make your people junior quality beacons.

  • Accreditation requirement: Local or international, quality-based accreditation is a trademark of success. Their standards can be challenging at start but once they are properly implemented you can relax assured that your organization will be awarded accreditation year after year.

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