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Organization Development

Make every effort count

what is the best model for your business? How many decision makers is too many? Let us worry about slim-fitting your structure from minor tweak to complete revamp. We will ensure you get the best results from including all those with valuable opinion in decision making process while keeping your organization agile and flexible.

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Organizational Development: Projects

here is how we can help:

  • Vision, Mission and Values: identify what your organization stands for, what does it vision to become and develop a mission statement to achieve it. Values tell a lot about who you are and need to be developed carefully. Engage your stakeholders in developing your vision and mission to boost engagement and present managed change in a well-crafted process to align your organization with current and future challenges and changes.

  • Organizational Chart: Develop organizational structure aimed to eliminate redundant posts and streamline information flow and decision making. In addition, balancing top-down and bottom-up information flow through committees and councils.

  • Job Descriptions: Develop well written, clear and concise job descriptions providing each and every employee within the organization. Well written job descriptions ensure your people understand their roles and responsibilities, understand their progression possibilities and requirements and reporting lines within the organization.

  • Governance and Procedure Manuals: Develop and update manuals and guide documents that outlines and explains the governance model of the organization, areas of function of senior management as well as working committees’ structure, membership and duties.

  • Governance Model: Design, implement and introduce a balanced governance model in which a healthy combination of top down managerial approach and bottom up employees’ feedback.

  • Feedback loop: stakeholders’ feedback is key input in your organization development and a well-designed and executed system that solicits and manages feedback internally and externally is a success factor. Develop a feedback system that collects valuable and true feedback using surveys, focus groups and events evaluation to feed your organization with insights and ideas for future developments.

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